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Bridging the Storage Gap

From production to post, Codex is bridging the gap in performance and network versatility for the desktop with Media Vault.

From the Ground Up

As a small workgroup device, it can support multiple users working concurrently on the high capacity formats you need to work with, easily transportable and will not take up valuable workspace.


Easily connect USB 3 storage to your Codex Media Vault and share files quickly over the built-in 10GbE network to your desktops. Connect up to four workstations over 10GbE or choose dual 40GbE for supreme performance.

Users and Workgroups

Create, manage, and support multiple users and workgroups with varying levels of permission.

System and health status

At-a-glance visual dashboard option to monitor system configuration and health status.

One Centralized Solution

Expect high-end Codex performance on your desktop
and share the experience with file access
across multiple workstations.


How it works, how it's built, how it's a perfect fit.

HD Drive Bays 24 x 2.5” HDD or SSD
8 x 3.5" HDD
Disks 2.5” model with 5TB HDD or 2, 4 or 8TB SSD
3.5" model with 6,8 or 12TB 3.5" HDD
Cache 850GB
Data Transfer Rate Up to 3000MB/s read from NVME cache
Up to 900MB/s read and write to HDD
Redundancy 2-drive parity
Processor Intel Core i7 7700K CPU 64GB
Physical Memory 64GB RAM
Network Interface(s) 4 x 10Gb RJ45 / 4 x 10Gb SFP+
Peripheral Interface(s) 2 x USB 3.0
Power Supply 600W
User Interface Web GUI
Networking Protocols SMB, NFS
Client Operating Systems Mac / Windows / Linux
Dimensions (H x W x D) 15.75” x 10” x 22” (400 x 255 x 560mm)
Weight 40lbs (18.1kg)
Warranty 3 Year Standard / Optional 5 year upgrade

Product Code SKU Description
CDX-PRO/0050150 00001048 Codex Media Vault 48TB
CDX-PRO/0050150 00001064 Codex Media Vault 64TB
CDX-PRO/0050150 00001096 Codex Media Vault 96TB

Securing your Data

With years of experience in the media industry, we know how important it is that data is stored securely and have always put this at the core of all Codex technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Media Vault.

What storage capacities does the Codex Media Vault come with?
72TB, 120TB and 168TB with high-performance HDD.

What connectivity options does the Codex Media Vault provide?
Quad 10GbE, or dual 40GbE.

What file system does the Codex Media Vault utilize?
ZFS file system.

What Operating System does the Codex Media Vault utilize?
CentOS 7.4 with 4.15.0 kernel.

What client Operating Systems does the Codex Media Vault support?

Does the Codex Media Vault feature any redundancy?
The system features 2-drive parity.

What Networking protocols does the Codex Media Vault support?

Does the Codex Media Vault support a Web GUI?
Yes, the Codex Media Vault has a remote monitoring Web GUI for administration.

Where can I learn more about the pricing and configuration options?
Contact or sign-up for notifications.

How much does the Codex Media Vault weigh?
40lbs/18.1Kg with 8x 12TB HDD installed.

What is the warranty period on the Codex Media Vault?
3 years standard with optional extension to 5 years.

How long has the Codex Media Vault been shipping?
This is a new product built off the proven legacy for data management from Codex.

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